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The Greatest Gift

In May of 2020, my mom brought home a 4 month old blue Queensland heeler. I had instantly taken the puppy from my mom and held her with so much love. I named her Pepper and gave her a bath, and we just bonded. I asked my mom if I could take ownership of her and my mom agreed. I would wake up every couple hours in the night to take care of Pepper and play with her. I worked on training her basic commands and she kept being the most chaotic but sweetest thing.

Pepper is a quarantine puppy. We bonded to quickly and strongly and were able to spend every day together for months. She joined me for my online classes and followed me throughout the house, which she still does. We have done three holiday cards, she just joined me for my graduation photos, and she tolerates the sweaters I buy her.

I have started taking her on walks lately, and I think she loves it. But she will pull me all the way back to the house when she decides she's done walking. Pepper is a very smart dog like that. She knows when it's time to wake up in the morning and she knows when it's time to eat.

A lot of people don't understand her and can't be patient with her like I can, but that's okay. She's my fur baby and that's all that matters. Pepper is chaotic but so sweet, she brings so much happiness to my life and she is truly the greatest gift I could have ever received. I will definitely write more about my Pepper girl, but this post was just to show my appreciation and love for her.


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