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May 2023

And about a month later, here I finally am- writing about my May Disney trip. I suppose I've been dealing with lack of motivation but that's okay, it happens to the best of us, right?... Anyway, back to Disney.

The first day we (my brother, his girlfriend, my godmother, and, of course, me) spent in Disneyland. This was the first time my brother's girlfriend was meeting my godmother as well, but they loved each other, naturally. We did our best to get around to rides and shops and food, all the while anticipating Star Wars Nite that night. For day one, I was in my Padmé lake dress Disney-Bound (so much fun to Disney-Bound, by the way) and I ended up buying Sith robes in the evening, because I wasn't expecting the night to be so cold still.

Star Wars Nite was a fun idea. I got the tickets (luckily) after finding out the days we were going to Disney were also on the days some Star Wars Nites were taking place. We checked in early and received a wristband, lanyard and attached placard, and a map for the night. We ended up getting the Dagobah-Bite Beignets (Yoda shaped), which we were actually a little disappointed with. We got three drinks to try, two of them slushies and the other had a scoop of lime sorbet in it. The wait lines for the themed food were insanely long, almost not worth it.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to do any of the meet-and-greets. My godmother and I ran into Zam Wesell, the bounty hunter hired to kill Padmé, and that was pretty fun. Other than Zam, we didn't meet any other characters but we were able to get pictures of some of them, just not with them. I was sad to not get pictures with anyone but I justified it with buying lots of Star Wars merchandise on the 4th, and telling myself I'll just go again next year to Star Wars Nite.

The second day we went to DCA and started with lunch (late start to the day but only because Star Wars Nite ended at 1 in the morning) at Lamplight Lounge. Lamplight Lounge was nice and we were seated on the deck in the shade so we were a little chilly due to the breeze. It was my first time eating at Lamplight and I would definitely eat there again but maybe in a warmer situation. I ordered the Neverland Tea, basically a Long Island iced tea, and we all shared the lobster nachos.

After lunch we rode some rides and walked around. Time flew by this day and soon enough the sun started going down and we were getting cold (my godmother and I didn't bring sweaters that day). But, as we were sitting at Pym's, I stood up to look around Avenger's Campus and there I saw him: Loki. I set my drink down and asked my brother to follow before bolting to the line to get a photo with him. And guess what? It was the same actor!

When it was my turn to get a photo with Loki, HE walked up to ME and checked out my Thor Disney-bound (ironic, I know). He spotted my Loki tattoo on my arm again and then pointed out my Spider-Man strawberry tattoo, and then pointed out small details about my Disney-bounding outfit. A flirty meet-cute with the same Loki face actor for the third time... I wonder if he'll be there for my birthday trip in July, when I Disney-bound as Loki.

Day three was Disney for May the Fourth, and rainy so I didn't wear my Mandalorian Disney-bound. I wore Star Wars sweatpants, a Grogu cropped Tee and Grogu Disney ears. Day three was packed, obviously. But there was so much cool merchandise, for May the Fourth and for Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary andI bought so much...

We got to ride Hyperspace Mountain, which was amazing as always. We walked a lot, and waited in the 2 hour long queue for Rise of the Resistance (have to ride it for the Fourth, duh). We had lunch at Café New Orleans and my brother and his girlfriend rode Splash Mountain for the last time.

This May trip to Disney was fun and I loved that my godmother could come with us. I am definitely going to try to come again next May for May the Fourth and a Star Wars Nite. Especially now that I have experienced a Star Wars Nite and I know what the weather will be like, mostly. I'll be going back to Disney in the beginning of July for my birthday so I'll be writing about that experience too. It'll be a slightly bigger trip, only because we'll have more people going this time, but it will still be about three days. See you soon Disney! Or should I say: See you soon Loki!

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