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March 2023

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Soooo I went to Disneyland again. This time it was during the Food and Wine Festival with my parents, and I tried as much food and drink as I could. On the first day there, we were in DCA and I got to meet Kang the Conqueror. The actor played him extremely well and his suit was very shiny and cool. But, remember when I met Loki in January? Well the same Loki actor walked around Avengers Campus while I was there and I believe he remembered me! He would point at me, do double takes, and even said "Oh there's that witch!" (I have Scarlet Witch ears). Next trip I might just come home as Mrs. Loki Laufeyson.

I was also able to meet Captain Rogers and King T'Challa. Both of them were just incredible. T'Challa snuck up on me and we had a little fun conversation. I also flirted with Captain Rogers, hair flip and everything. But aside from meeting these amazing characters, I had a lot of fun just walking around and taking everything in, especially Avengers Campus. It was cloudy for the majority of the trip, with rain tempted to spill down.

The second day was in Disneyland, mostly Galaxy's Edge, of course. It was also my dad's birthday, so my mom got him a birthday button and we had two rounds of drinks at Oga's Cantina. Sometime during that day, my mom had gotten me a Puffer Pig, which is just the strangest but cutest looking little alien pig from Star Wars. I obviously had to get him a buddy and was offered an adoption box. After getting both Puffer Pigs into the box, I carried them all the way to the lockers, getting strange looks from other people and double takes as well.

We also got pictures of R2-D2 and had a meet-and-greet with Darth Vader himself (which was insane). On the third day we were in DCA again and did our best to try as much food items as we could. I think my favorite would have to be the Century of Magic Mimosa Flight and the Raspberry Limoncello-ade. Oh and the Chile Relleno Empanada, that was pretty awesome.

Overall this trip was really fun. Loki remembered me, I had some good drinks, and I got to sit and enjoy Galaxy's Edge and Avengers Campus for a bit each day. I could do that all day. My next trip is already planned, for the first week of May. I have tickets to Star Wars Nite (a dream, really) and I'll be in Galaxy's Edge on May the Fourth. I'm in a position in my life where I can actually do things like this for myself, and I love it. I am very lucky I am able to do this stuff in the first place. See you soon Disney!

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