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Expanding on Disney Experiences

After my trip in March to Disneyland, I decided I want to Disney-Bound during my trip in May. Disney-Bounding is creating outfits inspired by Disney characters and wearing those outfits to the parks. My brother's girlfriend did so on our family trip in November and I loved her outfits so much.

So for my May trip, we are going for three days: two in Disney (one for After Dark: Star Wars Nite!) and one in DCA. For the first day's Disney-bound, I decided to go with Padmé Amidala's lake dress- yes, the stunning yellow/pink/purple ombré dress. For the second day, I chose to go as Thor, and hopefully I'll see him in the park again. Finally for the third day, I will be going as the Mandalorian.

My Padmé lake dress Disney-Bound consists of a creamy yellow halter top with purple flowy pants (with pockets!) and a pink sash belt. I also have beige tennis shoes and a silver star necklace to go with it. I just need to decide how to do my hair and makeup for that day, which the makeup goal is to be long-lasting will probably be simple.

For my Thor Disney-Bounding outfit, I have a black tennis skirt (with pockets too!) and a dark grey cropped tank top. I also found a black leather waist belt and a small red cape. I will also have silver tennis shoes, angel wing hairclips, and a Thor Loungefly backpack. For my hair, I will most likely do a half-up hairstyle to match Thor's. My makeup, again, will hopefully be long-lasting and pretty simple.

Lastly, for my Mando outfit, I have a brown cropped tank top and brown spandex bike shorts. I also have a silver corset waist belt, a Mandalorian necklace, and silver arm bands. I considered a Grogu Loungefly backpack but I have already spent too much money (yikes). I do have a Grogu doll, though, so maybe I'll just find a plain backpack and let him stick out at the top.

I'm just waiting on two more items to complete these Disney-Bounding outfits. I am so excited for these outfits and to wear them in the parks in May. I love the idea of Disney-Bounding and it is such a creative way to express your love for Disney.

I think my three outfits are good choices for a beginner Disney-Bounder! I will definitely be taking pictures of the outfits and will write about the experience of Disney-Bounding, especially if it is comfortable or not. Depending on the comfortability and difficulty level of obtaining the items, Disney-Bounding might be my new thing!

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